Cockroaches of the Rio Grande Valley

Some cockroaches are carried in while most usually find a way into our homes and businesses thru cracks and crevices. The best form of pest control starts there. Good housekeeping practices, maintenance of your home and yard/grounds. A neat clean environment will not prevent cockroaches but reduces the habitat they thrive in.

The German cockroach is found throughout the world in association with humans. They are unable to survive in locations away from humans or human activity. They are the most commonly found cockroaches in the McAllen, Texas area. They are small to medium size (1/8-1/2”) in size. Females drop egg capsules that carry an average of 35-40 cockroaches allowing them to infest quickly. They are usually first noticed in the kitchens and restrooms in the evenings.

American Cockoaches are a medium to large (½”-1 ½”) roach that start outside; often called “Water bug, Tree roach, Palmetto bug” amongst many names. They thrive in any damp, dark environments (sewers, mulch beds, palm trees, wall voids, cardboard boxes, etc).

Cockroach Pest Control:
Bug Off Pest Control uses both modern and proven techniques and materials to rid your property of these pest. Low impact treatments are available to sensitive areas (hospitals, clinics, schools, daycares, etc.). Contact our office today for a no cost no obligation quote.

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