As the weather gets colder in McAllen, Tx, people prefer spending maximum time indoors to stay warm and healthy. On the other hand, some pests and rodents such as cockroaches, spiders, mice, roof rats, etc. search for a cozy home or place in winters to seek comfort and end up at your invading your living space. This, in turn, results in rodent infestation that can have a severe effect on your health. Rodents such as mice or rats can prove to be very destructive for both your health and property.

Although many times, pests go unnoticed as they hide successfully without getting detected, do not fear. We have come up with some preventive measures that will help you keep rodents away from your home in winter.

  1. Keep the Doors and Windows Shut

The easiest way for pests to squeeze their way in your home is through the main entry points, i.e., the doors and windows. If you have a habit of keeping windows or doors open for long, then change it. Keep your doors shut and seal the tiny gaps properly, if any. Also, check all the door or windows for any cracks or striping that is worn down and immediately replace it. This will block the entry of pests in your home.

  1. Keep a Check on Moisture

Pests such as mosquitoes are attracted to moist areas of your home. Places in your home such as garages, attics, basements, etc. typically accumulate more water and moisture as compared to the other areas. These places if not cleaned on a regular period becomes home to many pests, controlling which on your own can be a tough task. So, to avoid such a situation from occurring, make sure that the pipes are not leaking. Clean all the ice or snow accumulated in corners to decrease the moisture.

  1. Is Your Kitchen Clean?

Winter pests are most likely to wreak havoc in your kitchen if it is not clean and hygienic. Bread crumbs and other similar droppings might go unnoticed by you but not by pests as it is their meal. So, without forgetting and being lazy, you must work on maintaining kitchen hygiene and make sure that the food is kept in safe and airtight containers. Additionally, keeping the food high off the ground in a sealed container decreases the chances of it being contaminated. Apart from this, you must start practicing clean habits such as cleaning the dishes thoroughly, regularly taking the garbage out and clean the bin.

  1. Monitor the Trash Bins

In colder weather, pests like rodents are drawn to the trash bins kept in open. Some pests even die in the bins that cause the bin to stink badly leading to the spread of diseases. The simplest way to keep the pests away from the bins is to cover them and store them in enclosed areas. For instance, you can keep your bins under a shed or near the garage after covering them.

  1. Seal all the Gaps!

So, you place have tiny gaps that you haven’t been taking care of? Well, it does the work for pests like mice, rats, etc. as they don’t need more than a coin size hole to invade your home. Do not ignore and inspect all the doors windows and walls for any gaps and do not forget to check areas from where gas and water enter your home. Most importantly, do not forget to seal the gaps in the basements and attic spaces.

Keep the Pests OUT!

The above discussed are some of the ways to restrain the pests from invading your home. Following these DIYs will help you stay away from the pest infestations. Because we should consider all the possibilities, what should be done if the pests persist and these DIYs do not work anymore? So, in that case, call the professional and licensed pest control service provider and get rid of pests permanently.