The summer months are great for enjoying the outdoors and warm temperatures —however, they can also come with a number of pest-related problems. Your summer should be spent relaxing, not worrying about the increased pest activity on your property. Summer is the season for pests —and we’ve listed five reasons why— but that doesn’t mean it has to make or break your summer. If you’re experiencing pest control issues, call a pest control professional for help to stop the issue in its tracks.

Life Cycle: The natural life cycle of a pest generally means that those creatures thrive in heat. Many pests are cold-blooded, which is why there is often limited pest activity during the freezing winter months. However, that means their activity increases significantly during the warm summer months instead. In order to survive during the dormant winter, pests are highly productive in the summer.

Daylight: While the longer days and shorter nights are great traits of summer for people, giving us more time to enjoy outdoors, it also gives more daylight to pests as well. The increased hours of visibility mean more time for pests to feed and be active, and therefore, giving them more time to invade your property.

Temperature: Warm temperatures are ideal for many pests. The favorable heat can increase their productivity —to a point. When the temperatures raise too high, many pests may seek shelter. Unfortunately for homeowners, that shelter might come in the form of your air-conditioned home. Any temperate environment can be tempting for pests to invade and seek temporary relief against the high heat.

Moisture: All animals need water, pests included. During the hot summer months, the humidity can often increase, meaning there is more moisture in the air. High moisture is favorable to pests. The opposite issues can also create pest control problems on your property. If the moisture in the air dries up, then the pests will search for moisture in other places —usually in your home.

Food: The summer brings about plenty of food source opportunities for pests to munch on. Vegetation grows quick in the summer and pests will eat and continue reproducing until the food source goes. Summer is also a great time for people to snack more as well. Any uncleaned crumbs, either indoors or outdoors, can be fair game to pests. Be sure to clean up following meal time in order to discourage pests from invading your home in search of food sources.

The summer months are the prime time for pest control issues. Don’t let pests take over your summer plans this year —contact a professional to help pest-proof your home and ensure a fun, enjoyable summer without any unwanted visitors to your property.