Pesky birds can cause a nuisance in your residential or commercial space. If your space has a garden, then the damage will be more severe. The birds will play on the lawn day in and day out and ultimately render it unfit for our use.

Fortunately, there are professional pest control services that will scare these creatures away for a definite period. These services need to be repeated at regular intervals so that these creatures are kept at bay.

Before we explore the different methods used to ward off birds, let’s understand what attracts them to our homes and offices.

3 Things That Attract Birds

  1. Stable Food and Water Source: Birds will naturally turn up in large numbers in places where they can find a secure food and water source. Rainwater soaks your turf and helps birds to suck the groundwater and dig up worms. If your property has any seed-based plants then birds will surely feast on them.
  2. Nesting Spots: It’s a common misconception that birds only nest in wooded areas. They can settle on properties that are warm and protected. Additionally, birds prefer hidden and sealed areas to nest to escape the hawk eye of predators. Thus, residential buildings are a perfect place to settle, especially if they have an attached farm or woodland.
  3. Littering: Litter and trash are the most attractive things for birds as they mostly feed on them. The larger the pile-up of garbage, the more trouble you will have.

How to Scare the Birds Away?

You can use the simple, yet effective tips mentioned below to get relief from pesky birds:

Pest Control

It is by far the most effective means to control the presence of birds at your residential or commercial establishments. You can approach your nearest bird control service to schedule an inspection. The team will use the following methods to ensure that your space is bird-free:

Bird Netting:

The bird nets are long-lasting and hygienic and do not harm the birds in any way. Moreover, these are nearly invisible to the birds due to their translucent nature. It protects Pigeon, Myna, and Sparrow.

Bird Spikes:

Bird Spike consists of long, needle-like rods and is made of either PVC or pure stainless steel. It acts as a physical barrier, which prevents pest birds from landing, perching, or roosting. Such devices are usually installed on railings, beams, air conditioners, chimneys, signboards, and columns.

Trash the garbage

Never leave the garbage in the open as it becomes a breeding ground for birds and other irritating pests. Even if you can’t arrange for a bin, empty the garbage in a disposable bag and then throw it into the nearest bin.

Visual warnings

Birds respond differently to stimuli as compared to humans. Due to their binocular vision, they can focus on only one specific object at any given time. You may use decoy birds of prey, hawk kites, and reflective tape to deter the birds from entering your premises.

Audio warnings

Birds’ hearing range is highly specific and sensitive; it ranges from 1 kHz to 4 kHz. Moreover, birds have good sound recognition abilities and can detect the pitch and tone of predators accurately. The audio devices that you are planning to use should be well within this range and mimick the right tone and pitch.

Keep the Birds Away Permanently

Most of the tips mentioned in this blog will keep the birds away temporarily. Pest control is the only long-term solution that can effectively deal with such menace. However, the process needs to be repeated frequently. For example, bird netting and spikes should be checked for wear and tear and replaced accordingly. Besides, develop a habit to keep your surroundings litter-free.

Following these tips consistently will help you to maintain a safe distance between birds and your living space.