A bird nest on your property can be exciting —but it can also be damaging and distracting. Therefore, it’s always best to remove bird nests built too close to your home. However, there are a number of dos and don’ts of bird nest removal that should be followed at all times in order to safely solve the animal issue.

Do Prevent the Problem: The best offense is a good defense —it’s true in sports and it also applies to dealing with birds and their nests. The best way to keep your property safe and in good condition is to prevent the issue from occurring. Remove any access to food, such as open trash or food scraps left outside. All bird-feeders should be placed far away from your home and any spills from the feeder should be cleaned regularly. Prevent nests in vents by installing vent covers and dissuade nest building on ledges by using perch repellents. Visual repellents, such as plastic predators left around your property, are also effective. 

Don’t Remove An Active Home: If birds are actively using a nest, do not attempt to remove it from your property. It’s always best to wait until nesting season is finished before relocating or removing the nest. Certain bird species are protected and are legally prohibited from being interfered with. If you’re uncertain about whether or not a nesting period is finished, contact a professional animal control specialist to complete the removal safely.

Do Exercise Caution: Birds are highly protective of their nests and will defend it if necessary, which is another great reason to avoid removing an active home. Additionally, droppings and pesticides often contain harmful pathogens that can pose a serious risk to humans. If you are attempting to remove the nest on your own, be sure to wear long sleeves and gloves, as well as a respiratory mask to prevent inhaling any contaminants. Disinfect and seal away the nest and wash your clothes immediately after. 

Contact A Professional: If you’re uncertain about how to complete any of the above steps, do not hesitate in calling a professional to help settle the situation for you. As there are legal repercussions and health hazards, letting a professional take care of the problem can help relieve any stress surrounding the bird-nest removal process and ensure a job well done. Professionals can identify the species, determine when removal is safe, and utilize their industry knowledge to completely solve the problem. 

Closely follow these dos and don’ts of bird nest removal in order to carefully solve your property’s bird issues. Whether you’re attempting to use this advice to remove the nest on your own or ultimately decide to call a professional to provide assistance, safety is the top priority!