Mosquitos are a big problem in McAllen. Not only do hoards of eggs hatch during August, but mosquitos make their way into our homes, schools, gyms, and more. We want to share nine mosquito myths and why DIY is not always the best solution. Bug Off Pest Control has the Misting treatment that protects these environments, but many people try to combat mosquito breeding grounds independently.

All Mosquitoes Bite Humans

While it’s true that many mosquito species feed on humans, not all of them do. Mosquitoes have diverse preferences when it comes to their hosts. Some species prefer birds, others mammals, and some even feed on amphibians. 

Eating Garlic or Vitamin B Keeps Mosquitoes Away

Despite the popular belief, consuming large amounts of garlic or vitamin B won’t miraculously repel mosquitoes. The idea that eating garlic or taking vitamin B supplements can make you less attractive to mosquitoes lacks scientific evidence. Instead, consider using proven mosquito repellents like DEET or picaridin when spending time outdoors.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Light Colors

Mosquitoes aren’t particularly attracted to light colors. Instead, they are drawn to contrasts and movement. This is why wearing dark clothing might make you a more attractive target to mosquitoes, as your silhouette stands out against the background.

Citronella Candles Are Highly Effective

While citronella candles have some mosquito-repelling properties, they are not foolproof. The citronella scent can help mask the attractants that draw mosquitoes, but it may not provide complete protection in heavily infested areas. Combining citronella candles with other measures like wearing repellents and eliminating standing water is more effective.

Mosquitoes Die After Biting You

Female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite, don’t die after feeding on your blood. Instead, they use the nutrients from your blood to develop their eggs. Once they’ve laid their eggs, they will continue their life cycle. This is why mosquito populations can persist throughout the warmer months.

Wristbands and Phone Apps Repel Mosquitoes

Wristbands and phone apps that claim to repel mosquitoes using ultrasonic or electronic signals are mainly ineffective. There is limited scientific evidence to support their efficacy, and they may not provide reliable protection against mosquito bites. It’s best to treat mosquito breeding grounds.

Mosquitoes Die Off in Cold Weather

While mosquitoes may be less active in colder weather, they don’t necessarily die off. Some mosquito species enter a state of dormancy or hibernation during colder months, but others lay their eggs in protected areas, ensuring the next generation’s survival. This is why mosquito populations can rebound as temperatures rise.

Mosquitoes Breed Only in Ponds and Lakes

Mosquitoes can breed in various water sources, not just large bodies like ponds and lakes. Even small puddles, flowerpots, and clogged gutters can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Regularly emptying and cleaning containers that collect water can help reduce mosquito populations around your home.

Mosquitoes Are Active Only at Night

While it’s true that some mosquito species are more active during the evening and nighttime, not all mosquitoes follow this pattern. Many species are also dynamic during the day, especially in shaded areas. It’s important to take mosquito precautions throughout the day to reduce your risk of bites.

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