Winter-time should be a season of festivity and cheer, when families gather inside to fend off the cold temperatures and spend time together in the comfort of your home. The warmth and security that your home provides during winter, however, can also be appealing to a wide variety of pests. Pay careful attention for these common pests that invade the home during winter and be sure that your house has preventative pest control measures in place!

Mice: During the cold winter months, mice are desperate to find a warm, comfortable place to settle in. Oftentimes, that place is your home. Mice can chew through essential wires, cause damage to your home, and even spread diseases. To stop them, be sure to seal all cracks and holes around your property in order to cut off their indoor access. Raise any storage boxes off of the floor so they cannot nest inside. If you think you have a rodent infestation issue, call a professional pest control specialist right away! 

Cockroaches: Hardy and durable, cockroaches thrive during the wintertime. They prefer areas close to food and will often make home in kitchens. Bathrooms are also a common cockroach hotspot, as they enjoy moisture as well. Keep your home clean and quickly dispose of food scraps. Seal up your home to keep cockroaches  from entering through cracks and crevices.Thoroughly clean areas under sinks and appliances.

Bed Bugs: As families travel during the holidays, bed bugs can easily jump from location to location through any fabric material. A trip out of town can quickly turn into a bed bug infestation if you’re not careful in hotels and airplanes. Carefully inspect all of your items after a trip to ensure that no unwelcome guests come back with you. If a bed bug infestation occurs, contact a pest control agency as soon as possible to help put a stop to the issue. 

Spiders: While many animals hibernate during the cold winter months, spiders are active year-round. They prefer building nests in quiet places throughout your property, such as attics and basements. In the winter, they might seek refuge in shoes, clothing, or wood piles as well. Apply caulk around wires, cables, faucets and electrical components that run to the outside. Keep your home safe and free of spiders by taking preventive pest control steps or by contacting a professional as soon as a pest infestation issue occurs. 

Don’t let a pest infestation put a damper on your home during the holidays —instead, carefully keep track of these common pests that invade the home during the winter and put a quick stop to their invasion! If you suspect any pest control issues, call a professional immediately and let a certified expert maintain your home in pest free condition!