Fall is a season that is particularly vulnerable to pest invasions, as cold weather drives pests inside. The change in season brings out different animal activity. There are many reasons why fall pest control is important, such as keeping your home free from damage and your family safe from animal-borne illnesses. No matter the season, it is always a smart idea to carefully control any pests’ access to your home —but especially in fall!

Hibernation Season: During the fall, pests and rodents begin to feel the drop-in temperatures and begin their search for a warm, safe place to rest during the cold winter season. Oftentimes, the perfect place to hibernate is someone’s home or property. Therefore, fall is the perfect time to make a preemptive strike against incoming pests. Mammals in particular seek out warm spaces to live & enjoy nesting in walls. If these rodents are allowed in, they can damage the structure of your home, chew your wires, and transmit deadly illnesses.

Fall Pests: Fall doesn’t only bring about a change in the weather —it also brings out a change in which pests and rodents are more active. In the fall, different pests such as rodents, flies, and cockroaches often become more active. Stinging pests, such as bees and wasps, generally become more active and aggressive as the temperatures begin to drop. Therefore, preventive fall pest control is important in order to keep these autumn animals out of your home. Stink bugs, ants, and plenty of other pests are more prevalent in the fall, so it is important to protect against these invaders by eliminating sources of food and water, closing access points, and with professional pest control measures.

Fall Pest Control Maintenance Tips: There are a variety of ways you can help protect your home against a fall pest invasion. One of the best ways is to call for the help of a pest control specialist who can effectively safeguard your home against pests before any pest invasion issues occur. Screening attic vents, chimneys, and other spaces that open to the outdoors is a great step in warding away pests seeking entrance to a warm home. It’s also essential to replace loose weather stripping and search your home for areas where holes or gaps have appeared after the spring and summer. Just like in any other season, keeping your home clean and free of edible scraps is a good way to discourage pests from invading as well.

Call A Professional: There are some cases where only the help of a professional can truly provide relief to pest control issues. If you’re suffering from fall pest control problems, don’t try to tackle it all on your own. A licensed pest control specialist can provide the necessary assistance to any of your pest problems!

Fall pest control is important in order to prevent animals from invading your home and uprooting your daily life and routine. Keep your home and your family protected at all times during the year by taking active preventative measures against pest invasion and by calling a professional if you require any pest control assistance!