It has never been more important than now to keep your home clean and properly disinfected. The high prevalence of COVID-19 all across the globe means that all homeowners must take an active stance on their home cleaning. It might seem difficult to disinfect your home every day; however, we’ve compiled plenty of tips for keeping your home clean in the time of COVID-19 that can easily simplify your cleaning process and ensure that your home stays well-protected against exposure.

Take An Active Stance: Rather than falsely believe that your home is completely safe against any chance of exposure to COVID-19, take an active stance against the virus, and routinely clean your home. Disinfect all areas of high-exposure at least once a day, such as commonly used surfaces that hands frequently touch. It is also essential to clean off any incoming materials, such as groceries, deliveries, or guests’ hands.</p.

COVID Cleaning Products: Instead of using your regular household cleaning products, be sure to be using disinfectants in order to best protect your home from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Some great options to use in your home are disinfecting wipes, such as Clorox, disinfectant sprays, or hydrogen peroxide, among others. Whatever product you use, be sure to let it sit on surfaces for at least a few minutes for maximum effectiveness.

What To Disinfect: It is important to regularly clean and disinfect key hotspot areas around your home. Cupboards, faucets, bathroom counters, cell phones, and essentially anything that comes into regular contact with your hands is important to clean. During disinfection, it is a good idea to wear gloves and avoid any chance of contamination. These areas should be cleaned every day; if people are frequently coming and going from your house, you might want to consider cleaning more than once a day as well.

Ventilation Is Key: As one of the primary sources of possible infection for COVID-19 is through the respiratory system, it is a good idea to have proper ventilation around your home while you are cleaning and disinfecting. Some easy ways to ventilate your home include opening the doors and windows in order to get fresh air and cycle out the stale air already in your home. To quicken the process, you can also use fans to help move the air along.

During this period of uncertainty, the safety and comfort of our home is undeniably important. With less and less outdoor spaces open and available for comfortable use, having a safe and clean interior is of the utmost necessity. Follow these tips for keeping your home clean in the time of COVID-19 in order to social distance in a pleasing environment and also to protect you and your family from possible sources of exposure to the virus. If you need professional help in disinfecting your home, call Bug Off at 956-782-7378.