Are you wondering how to get rid of the ticks in your yard?

Find out in the following about how to make your yard less tick-friendly:

Modification of the Yard

Ticks only want two things: blood and a welcoming habitat. If your yard has incentives for the ticks, it would become difficult for you to manage a large number of ticks. Increased ticks would bring only more challenges and issues.

You need to understand the way ticks attack their targets. Ticks do not live on their hosts; rather they stick to their hosts until they receive the fresh juice of blood. Afterward, ticks fall off and reside in the lawns. Ticks often live in the debris of lawns, litter leaf and

With this, you need to modify your yard in the following way:

1. Removing Leaf Litter

Leaves are the main hosting ground for the ticks. Ticks are found on these breeding grounds. You can burn the leaf litter, and got away with the leaf litter.

You can also call pest control services to remove the leaf litter from your yard.

2. Clearing Tall Grasses

Tall grasses are another breeding ground of the ticks, which should be cleared right away. Mowing of the lawns should be done regularly. You should brush around your home and edges of your lawn.

3. Placing Wooden Chips

You should place 3-feet wide barrier wooden chips to restrict the migration of the ticks to the recreational area. Wooded areas would certainly limit the movement of the ticks into your lawn.

4. Keeping Woods at Dry Place

You should keep the stack of the woods in a neat and clean area so that ticks do not flourish in your yard area. This is one of the most effective ways to discourage rodents, insects, and ticks in your yard.

5. Constructing Sitting Places Smartly

You should construct the patios, wooden walkways, wooden decks and playground equipment away from the edges of the trees and the yard. Thus, ticks will remain away from the blood.

6. Discouragement of Animals

You should discourage the animals such as stray dogs, raccoons, and deer, etc. from entering your lawn so that ticks will not have the incentive to enter your lawn. The fences, wooden walls or concrete walls must be built around the yard.

7. Removing Old Furniture

We tend to keep the old furniture such as furniture, trash or treasure in the yard. However, to secure your yard from the ticks, it’s highly recommended to remove the old furniture from the yards. Thus, no breeding ground would be left.

8. Pest Control Services

You should get your yard sprayed of the chemical so that ticks production and growth can be controlled most effectively. You also need to take additional measures to remove the tick-infested areas. Your trusted pest control service should know the right procedure to get rid and control the ticks from your area.

These are some things you can do to effectively get rid of ticks in your yard. It’s highly recommended to seek the help of the professionals to make sure that your issue is treated well. Are you ready to get rid of the ticks from your yard? Call Bug Off Pest Control to help you!