Controlling pests is an ongoing battle that all homeowners must struggle through. However, the importance of eco-friendly pest control is something that all homeowners should be aware of. Harmful pesticides can do serious damage to the environment, an environment which humans are a part of. Therefore, in order to ensure your own safety as well, it is important to use eco-friendly pest control at all times.

Health Issues: Harmful pesticides that are not eco-friendly can cause a staggering amount of health issues to humans. Some of these hazards include headaches, irritation, cancer, and even birth defects. The strong chemicals used in non-ecofriendly pest controls are often more harmful to you than to the pests themselves. Comparatively, eco-friendly pest control carefully considers health affects and limits exposure to harmful toxins.

Pesticide Pollution: Using traditional pesticides rather than an eco-friendly form of pest control does not only damage bodies, but also can cause serious damage to the earth. Pesticides can seep into soil, water, and air and spread to various different ecosystems. Therefore, using eco-friendly forms of pest control is a much better alternative.

Organic Biopesticides: Organic biopesticides use natural organisms to combat pests and curb destruction to your property. Introduction to a select few positive organisms can help boost an ecosystem’s resistance to harmful organisms, much like a vaccine introduces a small amount of virus into the body so that the body becomes adjusted.

Plants: Certain plants, such as mint, basil, lavender, and other herbs, are effective pest controls that not only deter pests, but also do not harm the environment. By planting these herbs throughout your yard, you can benefit from harvesting the herbs, attracting good insects, and effectively controlling pests. This is important because rather than becoming a harm to your health or to the earth, it actually can offer benefits as well.

Season Your Window Sills: If you’re concerned about pests entering your house, a simple and eco-friendly way to halt pests is to season your window sills. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but certain spices such as paprika, salt, and turmeric can help keep invading pests out of your home. You can also leave bagged cinnamon or cloves around other places inside your house as well. This method is non-toxic and safe in case a child or beloved pet stumbles upon the pest control.

Other Forms of Eco-Friendly Pest Control: There are a variety of different non-harmful ways that you can help protect yourself and the environment by opting not to use dangerous pesticides. Some easy preventative ways to control pests are to put away food in tightly sealed containers, improve drainage, routinely check for nests, and use spring-loaded trash cans, among others.

The importance of using eco-friendly pest control is something that all homeowners should be considerate of when managing pests on their property. It is essential to protect your property against pests, but not at the cost of your health or harming the environment. Bug Off Pest Control is a pest control company providing high-quality and eco-friendly services. We are committed to safely removing insects and rodents from your home or business. Call us at 956-782-7378 anytime.