Mice are pests that can easily infiltrate the home seeking shelter, warmth, and food. They can be hard to catch, and sometimes it is hard to notice that they are even there. They are largely nocturnal, so it can be easy to ignore the tell-tale signs that they have made themselves comfortable in your home.

 Signs of a potential mice infestation

You may never see a mouse or rat unless an infestation is severe. Typical signs of a potential mouse infestation include finding mouse droppings, gnaw marks on furniture and plastic, bagged food that has been chewed, mouse tracks, and actually hearing scratching sounds coming from within your walls, floor, or attic. Once you notice or even suspect a mouse infestation, it is extremely important that you act quickly. Catching and disposing of the pests can be tricky, and if you wait too long you can find your home going from a few mice to a full-blown infestation.

How fast mice multiply

A well-known fact about mice is that they multiply extremely quickly. With a  gestation period of less than a month, a mouse can give birth to 30 to 35 babies per year. They usually give birth in litters, with an average litter size of around 6 babies. Mice grow quickly and are already mature at just 4 weeks of age. In less than thirty days, the mouse population in your house can skyrocket from just one or two to upwards of a dozen. That is a huge problem, and precisely why it is so important to act quickly if you suspect that mice have found their way inside your house. Waiting could allow them more time to multiply and spread out, chewing through food, furniture, and even electrical wiring. Killing one or two with store-bought traps or poison may be a convenient solution, but you are unlikely to wipe out an entire infestation on your own using these methods.

How to prevent mice

As with other pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The following are some tips to keep your home safe and free of mice and other rodents.

  • Seal cracks and holes inside and outside the home to keep rodents out.
  • Clean up food and water sources in and near your house.
  • Keep your trash counters closed with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Cover ventilation ducts covered with wire mesh.


If you notice the initial signs of a mouse infestation, do not hesitate or leave anything up to chance. Schedule an inspection from a pest control and prevention expert, who has the proper training and experience to check your home thoroughly for pests. If mice are found, they will be able to prepare you for the next steps and begin the removal process. Mice are more than just a nuisance. Mice can easily spread disease throughout the home and cause extensive property damage. Due to their ability to multiply quickly, there is only one way to be certain they have been dealt with. That means giving your local pest control professional a call today.