Pests will find any way to get into your home. They’re always looking for shelter and food and while you may not be able to prevent every pest from entering your home, you can avoid pests at home with a few simple habits. 

Try these five habits to avoid pests at home. 

Don’t Leave Food Out Exposed

Pests like entering your home because it provides shelter and food. Leaving out food is like leaving out an invitation for pests. Even leaving out a bag of chips or a coffee spill will be enough to attract bugs like cockroaches or ants. 

Make sure to regularly clean up your food, don’t leave out leftovers, and wipe up spills quickly. Don’t leave out dishes or procrastinate cleaning. Store your food in airtight containers and in the fridge. And this includes pet food too! 

Inspect Screens Regularly 

You should keep your windows and doors closed when you can, and when you need to open them your screens should keep out most pests. However, if your screens are torn or broken, they will still let in pests. 

Sometimes you can simply patch them up. Try pushing loose wires back in place with pliers or applying clear nail polish to torn screens. However, more seriously damaged screens will need to be replaced to keep pests out. 

Vacuum Frequently 

Small bugs like ants or flees may like to hang out in your carpets, so a little vacuuming can make a big difference. Vacuuming can also pick up eggs and larvae to prevent a pest problem from spreading. 

Find and Plug Up Gaps

Look for any gaps around your home and plug them up. You should check for gaps regularly, like one every three months, but at least when the weather changes in the spring and fall. You can use copper mesh to plug in gaps and a screwdriver to push it in. Then, you should seal gaps with foam to ensure that no pests get through. 

Trim Plants Near your House

Keeping your landscaping and yard healthy can discourage ants. Bushes, shrubs, and trees that touch your siding or roof can allow pests to get to your home. You’ll want a 3-to-6 inch gap between the branches and your home’s siding to prevent ants from nesting in the siding. You can also make the soil slope away from the house. 

Also keep firewood, a perfect haven for ants, away from your house. Spray any anthills with insecticide and rake the lawn frequently to eliminate thatch. 


Don’t let unwanted guests into your home; use these new habits to avoid pests at home. Pests are looking for shelter and food, and if you can stop them from entering, keep the food away, and take a few steps to keep them away, then you can reduce the unwanted guests taking up residence in your home.