Are you excited to live in the new home you just bought or about to buy? Surely, finding your dream home with all the facilities and amenities nearby must have taken quite some effort. And while you were busy paying attention to the cosmetic changes required in your new home, you might have overlooked the most important issues i.e., the pest problem.

Among all the pest problems, the one that goes unnoticed the most is a termite attack. Termites, also known as the ‘silent destroyers,’ feed on wooden furniture, flooring, and walls, often go undetected. On average, they cause property damage of over $5 billion each year, which is not even covered under homeowner’s insurance!

And the story does not end here!

You may find the scariest and most harmful pests apart from termites capable of causing severe health issues such as asthma, malaria, plague, diarrhea, and more. These pests not only impact your health but also damage your property, leading to increased expenses.

So before you decide to live in your new home, straightforwardly ask about the history of the pest problems. If there are any, then make sure that these issues are resolved right away by calling in a reliable pest control service provider.

What to look for when you are taking a tour of your new home?

Bugging Bugs

Start by inspecting living or dead insects. Carefully check for any openings or gaps in the home that can give insects easy access to your home. Make sure to check the yard for large and carpenter ants. Check the beds for bed bugs and cupboards in the kitchen for the ants and cockroaches.

Wood Eating Termites

If you find any mud tubes in the foundation, basement walls, or near your wooden furniture, then it is a warning of termite infestation. And if you happen to find any wooden damage in the yard, then know that termites have been surviving in the place for a long time for sure.

Harm Causing Carpenter Ants

Like termites, carpenter ants also attack the wood which is softened by the moisture. So lookout for any signs of moisture damage in or around your wooden furniture. These ants can hollow the wooden structure, which often requires a costly repair.

Pesky Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are very popular for leaving droppings behind, causing harmful diseases such as Hantavirus, plague and more. If you hear scratching or squeaking noises near cabinets or pantries, you need to get pest control done before you start to live there.

Pest Control Tips

Well, we can suggest a few ways that can help you get rid of these pests in your new home for you to have a worry-free life.

Tip 1- Before stepping right into your new home, clean your new home thoroughly so that you can get rid of all the hidden pests if any.

Tip 2- Try DIY! If you encounter pests like spiders or other insects, try to remove them by spraying some insecticide. If that doesn’t help, call pest control service providers near you.

Tip 3- If you have doubts about having rats and mice in your new home, set out traps for a quick eradication. Ensure that you choose things that do not cause harm to your children.

Tip 4- Even after trying DIY methods, if you think some pests can go overlooked, it is better to call professionals for pest removal and treatment services.

Tip 5- Last but not least, keep your new home as clean as possible because untidy places give an unwanted invitation to pests.

Ensure Your Health’s Safety First

By now you might have understood it is important to inspect for pests when buying a new home. It helps in ensuring good health and causes less expenditure on repairs. Contacting a trusted pest removal service provider can help you get rid of the pests in no time, as they have experience and knowledge in spotting the problem.