If you’re ever dealing with pesky intruders around your home or business, you may find yourself searching for help with pest control Harlingen, TX or animal control. On the surface, it can be confusing trying to differentiate between the two. After all, they both involve dealing with unwanted pests, right? However, while they both involve getting rid of pests, there are key differences between them, and it’s essential to understand what they are. Pest control vs. animal control: What’s the difference? Read on to find out.

What is Pest Control?

Pest control uses various techniques to manage and/or eliminate any pest. The pests can be on the interior or exterior of a home or business, ranging from insect infestations to plant pests. Pest control can involve various methods, from trapping and removal to chemical treatments.

Common Pests

The most common type of pest that people often need help controlling is insects. These can include ants, mites, termites, flies, mosquitoes, and moths. Rodents such as mice and rats are also common pest problems. Other insects, such as bed bugs and fleas, are also included in this category.

What is Animal Control?

Animal control is a broader definition that encompasses pest control and other services related to the control of animals. This can include services such as capturing, transporting, and releasing wildlife and dealing with stray or nuisance animals. Animal control often implies that the animal is alive and needs to be humanely removed or managed in some way.

Common Animals

Animal control services are usually needed for animals such as stray dogs, cats, and other mammals. Wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, snakes, and armadillos are also common animal control issues. Bird control is also a type of animal control, as birds can be a major nuisance around homes and businesses.

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Differences Between Pest Control and Animal Control

The primary difference between pest control and animal control is that pest control deals primarily with insects and other vermin, while animal control deals with larger animals. This can include both domesticated and wild animals.

Another difference is that pest control usually involves eliminating pests, while animal control often involves humanely capturing, relocating, and/or releasing the animals. The methods used to control animals can also be more humane than those used to control pests, as relocating the animal can be more humane than eliminating it.

Pest Control Techniques

Pest control techniques vary depending on the type of pest. For insects, traps and chemical treatments are the most common methods. Traps can involve anything from physical barriers to chemical baits and electronic traps. Chemical treatments may include powders, sprays, or liquids applied to the areas where the pests are active.

Animal Control Techniques

Animal control techniques also vary depending on the type of animal. The goal is to capture, transport humanely, or release the animal. The most common methods involve setting up traps and lures with bait and using animal repellents. Animal repellents can include sound or light devices designed to scare the animal away.

Pest Control Harlingen TX

When dealing with pests, understanding the difference between pest control Harlingen, TX and animal control is vital. Pest control typically focuses on insects and other vermin, while animal control involves larger animals such as mammals and birds. The techniques used to control pests and animals can vary and knowing which is right for your situation is essential. Be sure to research and contact a professional if you need help with either pest or animal control. Be sure to also follow us to contact us for more information!