What if, this time next year, there are no pests in your home? That could be a reality if you make pest control in McAllen your New Year’s resolution for 2024. The key is prevention, not only in the house but also outdoors. Up-to-date pest prevention services are indispensable to keep your family safe from fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and more. And that’s not the only benefit of pest prevention services.

Here are some resolutions you can keep to make sure 2024 is pest-free!

1. Seal all cracks and holes in your home

Sealing cracks and holes between the wall and floor, around windows and doors, under sinks and bathtubs, around pipes, and in attics is the first step toward a pest-free future. Small openings are the easiest way for pests to enter your home. With a combination of caulk and silicone, these openings can be sealed to prevent pests from having their way.

2. Make sure there’s no uneaten pet food laying around

Pet food attracts pests, and since most pests are drawn to food, making sure there’s no pet food left is a big step toward pest-free living. Don’t forget about birdseed, too, since it can attract rodents.

3. Check for wasp nests in your attic or walls

Wasps are attracted to warm, moist places and can build nests in your walls or attic. If you have a wasp problem, call our exterminators to ensure pest control in McAllen is done correctly.

4. Store firewood away from your home

Firewood is an excellent source of food and shelter for pests. Storing firewood away from your home can prevent mice, squirrels, and other pests from moving in. Make sure to check your woodpile often, too, since pests can take up residence even if you store your woodpile away from your home.

5. Keep your kitchen floor clean

Cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning up after meals can leave quite a mess in your kitchen. If you don’t clean up the mess regularly, pests could take advantage of the crumbs and food left behind. So every day, you should clean your kitchen to make sure you do not need serious pest control in McAllen.

6. Keep trash cans covered with lids

Cover your trash cans with lids, and make sure you take out the trash often. Try to store trash as far away from your home as possible if you keep it outside.

7. Sweep your yard regularly

Walking through your yard can leave lots of crumbs and food for pests. Make sure to sweep up the crumbs around your home, especially along the edges and by your house.

8. Set up pest traps

Traps are easy to set up and can be an efficient way to deal with a small pest problem. However, sticky traps are the best, and they are easy to remove once you’ve caught something.

Have a Pest Free Home in 2024 with Pest Control in McAllen

Make sure that 2024 is the year you get rid of pests for good. Preventative care prevents pests from getting into your home in the first place, and regular pest control in McAllen will keep them from turning your home into their home.