Keeping a commercial property free of pests can be as hard as it is for the companies in that building to stay in business. Commercial buildings tend to have a lot of opening and closing doors, tons of windows, air ducts, and other places that allow pests to sneak in and make themselves at home.

Pests can enter the building on people and their belongings, through doors, windows, and cracks, they can come in on product shipment, and the list could go on forever. So how do you limit the number of pests trying to take over your commercial building?

Regular Cleaning:

Ensuring that company staff in your building clean up after themselves is a start, but be sure to hire a quality cleaning company. If you have a specialized company come in to clean, sanitize, and make sure there is no excess trash, etc. you are well on your way to eliminating their hiding places and sources of food.

It is important too to make sure that your trash receptacles are not only picked up regularly but also that the bins you keep them in are secure. If animals and pests know they can get into your dumpsters and are finding food, it is only a matter of time until they try to come into the building.


While it may seem to be a costly expense, keeping the outside of the facility maintained can go a long way in keeping pests out of your building. By keeping the grass cut regularly and ensuring there are no plants or trees that brush against the building, you are limiting the number of pests on your property and shutting down possible entry points. Landscapers can also plant things that are known to keep pests away. There are many specialized strategies that your landscaper can use to let nature take care of the pests and don’t require any dangerous chemicals.

Preventative Measures:

You should regularly check for any cracks in your buildings, leaks in your roofs and windows to not only make sure the building is in good condition but also to ensure that it is as hard as possible for insects or critters to enter.

To prevent pests from wanting to come into your facilities, you can also hire an exterminating company to periodically inspect and service the building.

The true key to a pest-free building is communication.

  • When people can communicate up the chain of command about any pest issues they see, the sooner the issue can be contained and taken care of.
  • When management takes direct action against any current pests and puts plans in place to rid the area of current and future infestations, there will be less instances of pest disturbance.
  • When there are no pests, it’s easier to do your job and everyone is happy!

If you are currently having pest issues or want to be proactive and ensure you don’t have any issues, call your neighborhood pest providers and get a plan in place before you need one!