As the New Year begins, everyone is filled with fervor and eagerness to do something new and fresh. It’s the time of the year when you want to asses the things you can do to make your household better. Pest infestation is the last thing you want to happen this year. Here are some tips for homeowners to avoid pests infestation:

1.    Strangling Pest at the Entry Level

Your first and foremost, block the possible entries of the pests. Your first line of defense should strangle – not welcome- the pests into your home.

2.    Keep Your Kitchen Spick and Span

If there is a pile of crumbs, honey spills or doughnut bits on your encounter, it is an open invitation for the pests to feast upon them. Let the pests find their feast outside your home in the garbage can or far away from your property in your community garbage cans. You should keep your kitchen clean – spick and span – as much as possible.  

3.    Control Mosquitos – No Standing Water

Mosquitos sit on standing waters, be it in the kitchen area, bathroom/washroom area or garden area. Standing water serves as a breeding ground for the mosquitos so it’s important to eliminate it as soon as possible.

4.    Maintenance of the Backyard, Front Yard and any Garden Area

Whether your garden is in the front yard, backyard or the roof, you should maintain the garden area by getting help from gardening contractors or if you have time and know-how, DIY.  You should be cautious about the overgrowth of your beautiful landscaping; otherwise, nests of the pests will start ruling the area. You should trim the trees, bushes, grass, remove the debris, water your plants to keep them fresh and maintain the cleanliness of the area weekly – or as your schedule permits. 

5.    Eat your vegetables, fruits and drink your juices.

Sometimes, owners leave the fresh vegetables and fruits on the counter for days, which invites fruit flies to the kitchen. You should not buy in bulk if you cannot store or use them properly. You should buy the quantity that gets eaten during the day. You should also develop the habit of drinking your juices. Leaving them in open spaces can increase your vulnerability towards pests.  

6.    Getting help from  Local Pest Control Contractors

You should hire a local Pest Control Service Provider who will come to your house and do a thorough inspection, spray for the bugs, termites or any flies that are common to your area. They will also help you in maintaining your garden most efficiently. Getting help from the experts is very important because they know exactly the right tools to beat the pests, if there’s any, in your home.

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