Rat infestations or mice in McAllen inside your house are more than just a nuisance. They do lots of eating, creating a mess, spreading diseases, and are very capable of hijacking your lifestyle. For the safety of your family, it is imperative to take preventive measures as early as possible. But in order to make your preventive measure effective, you must first investigate what is attracting mice or rats in your home. Bear in mind that rats and mice are specifically looking for houses with favorable conditions to live, sleep and breed. And who knows, your beloved home might be offering them a perfect home too.

Open Food Storage/ Leftovers in the Kitchen

The most common place where you’re likely to find rats is in your kitchen. A poorly organized kitchen can easily provide food, water, and shelter. With all the essentials accounted for, rats and mice can live happily underneath your feet or in your walls for many years. The main preventive measure is quite simple – Do not leave food and dirty dishes out on your kitchen counters, especially during the night. Make sure all your food is stored in a tight container and promptly placed in the refrigerator. Dry storage in cupboards should also be sealed tightly and be made of materials that will not be easy to chew through. Used and dirty dishes should be washed promptly and stored away to prevent tempting scents from lingering.

Unsecured Garbage

Have you ever thought of committing yourself to proper waste disposal? Well, you should. A poorly managed bin is more like a magnet for rats, mice, flies, and cockroaches. Unfortunately, in their quest for food, they create unsanitary conditions and can transmit diseases to humans through their saliva, feces, and urine. One way to avoid this is to keep the trash bin in your home or kitchen secured with a lid. An open garbage receptacle sends an appealing invitation to rats and mice in McAllen with constant offerings of consistent meals. Withdraw the invitation and keep a lid on it.

Unwashed Dishes

Most homeowners do not consider unwashed dishes to be a source of rodents. In reality, a pile of dirty dishes is a convenient treat for them. Rats and mice are avid eaters. Their daily routines revolve around locating their next meal. The easier the meal, the better. Meals don’t get much more convenient than leftovers on a plate. They will consume all types of leftover food on the counter. So, if you have a habit of letting the dishes in your sink pile up, it is time to make a concerted effort to improve and clean the sink before you go to bed.

Open Doors & Windows

Frequently opened doors or windows can provide easy access to rats and mice. It is understandable that many homeowners prefer keeping doors and windows open for fresh air, but this makes it easier for rodents to enter your property. 

The best possible solution would be to install screens on windows and doors. A robust, protective screen acts as the first line of defense to keep your home safe from creepy crawlers. Moreover, screens are handy for creating a protective environment against flies, lizards, mosquitoes, and numerous other insects and pests. 

Are you suffering from rat infestations?

If you’ve discovered a rat infestation in your home (and can’t tackle the problem yourself), then you must consider calling a Bug Off Pest Control expert to quickly safeguard your property before the situation gets out of hand. McAllen rodent control is a wise investment to safeguard your family’s safety, prosperity, and ease of mind. You can trust a professional pest control service to provide a long-term solution. Contact us today.