Bed bugs are one of those things you never think will affect you, but when it comes down to it, thousands of people are hit by this problem each year. Bed bugs are pesky little creatures that tend to bite during the night, which leaves marks on your skin – most commonly around the arms and shoulders because that is where they feed.

The best way for them to reach their food source is when a person is sleeping in a bed. Because of their size, they can easily fit into tiny nooks and crannies in your bed frame where the mattress meets the headboard or footboard, making it extremely difficult to find them without professional help. Often, people may not even know they have an infestation until they see actual bugs in their bed or other home areas.

The following are six reasons why your once clean and tidy home may be crawling with these blood-sucking parasites!

1- You Travel Often

Bed bugs are often carried to new places on someone’s clothing, luggage, an infested pillowcase, used furniture, etc. When you travel, you are sharing rooms with hundreds of other people who may have had an encounter with bugs in the past. It’s not just hotels that could be carrying them, but also cruise ships, college dorms, shelters, and more!

2- You Live in a Multi-Dwelling Unit

If you share living space, bed bugs are much easier to make their way around your home. Sometimes they can be transported by people who are unaware they have them, but it is also very common for these bugs to nest in furniture and appliances that are moved between apartments or homes.

3- You Live Near a High Traffic Area

Busy cities offer numerous opportunities to spread these bugs and their eggs. They thrive in places with a high level of activity, which means they can be found just about anywhere – especially if public transportation is available.

4- Your Kids Are Bringing Home New Friends

Your kids are not the only ones who go to school, so do bed bugs! It’s very common for them to hitch a ride on clothing or backpacks of students who have been in contact with infested items.

5- You Have Animals

Dogs, cats, and even birds can carry bed bugs from one location to another. This is another reason why it’s essential to keep your home as bug-free as possible, especially since many animals are treated with pesticides and other chemicals that could be harmful to your family.

6- You Are Not Using Protection

Using protective covers on your mattress or box spring will significantly reduce the risk of an infestation. However, once these bugs find their way into a home, it can take months before they’re all gone, which means you’ll want to be able to use whatever you can to make the process go more quickly.

The best thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge on how these bugs live, travel, and reproduce so that you can avoid them or get rid of them should they take hold in your home. Call BugOff Pest Control in McAllen today for professional bed bug treatment!